Healthy New Year!!

Wow! Where did 2017 go? It’s New Year Resolutions time, and the time of year where we swear we will start fresh, be healthier, do things completely differently! I have!

But over the years I have learnt that it doesn’t take long for the resolutions to become meaningless. At no time have I stuck to a resolution for any longer than a few weeks, if that!

Let’s face it, the ticking over of a new calendar month and year is not going to automatically give us more energy to exercise with, more will power to eat better, or more time to be organized!

An interest to learn the most common new years resolutions in Australia 2018 led me to Google and the following list at

  1. Improve Fitness

  2. Eat Better

  3. Quit Smoking

  4. Quit Drinking

  5. Learn Something New

  6. Travel More

  7. Volunteer

  8. Meet Someone

  9. Sleep More

  10. Get Out of Debt

There is absolutely no doubt that we all want a better quality of life, and this list is proof of that! At this time of year, we stop and ponder what would make our life better, whether it is because we have eaten too much over Christmas, or spent too much money on our holidays. Or maybe we are just in a rut and need to find another path in the hope it will make us happier or less stressed?

I am a firm believer that big change won’t happen overnight. It needs to happen gradually, in small steps, in order to achieve longevity. But most importantly, with that change the correct state of mind is crucial. In order for change to be successful we need to be in a positive place mentally. Nothing I have ever done that has created change in my life has been done without planning, hard work and a “can do” attitude.

A great place to start is to focus on mindfulness. There is nothing more valuable than making the effort to take a mental break from every day life, be in the moment and enjoy what is happening to you RIGHT NOW. No stress involved, no thinking about what has to happen one hour from now, or days or weeks from now. Just stop, enjoy the activity you are doing, the people you are around, and take in your surroundings with complete gratification for everything you have in life. Because we are so lucky to have what we have!

I have an app on my phone at the moment called Headspace. It really is amazing how stopping for a few minutes a day to “meditate” can help to calm your mind. I would never have believed it until I did it. Maybe this is a good starting place for you. Or, just make the mental decision to stop at a specific time of the day, become mindful of your surroundings, and then make the decision to do it on a regular basis. It will take a while to create this new habit, but over time it will become easier. See how you go? What have you got to lose!

#mindfulness #positivity #happynewyear #lessstress #gratitude #meditation

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