It’s Christmas time again, my favourite time of the year!

My family is under the same roof again, the stress of the school year is over, Santa is getting ready to make an appearance, Christmas carols are playing, everyone is happy and excited about what is to come. The best time of the year for sure!

Life has changed a lot since this time last year. More importantly, I have changed a lot. My attitude to what I think is important, how I treat myself and how I love the people close to me has become my biggest focus.

This automatically makes me reflect on what I have in my life, and how very lucky I am to have it. Life couldn’t be better, and I am so very grateful to the people whom I get to share it with.

As part of my recovery, I have been thinking about one thing each day that I am grateful for. This not only helps me achieve a positive mindset, but also helps me look at circumstances in a completely different light.

Where twelve months ago I was very internalized in order to self preserve and struggle with my busy life, now I have the clarity and ability and see what is happening around me. This has been a very rewarding and eye opening experience for me.

So while what you are grateful for can be very personal, I thought I would share some examples of things I am grateful for, to hopefully inspire a positive mindset for you and/or the people you know.

  1. Good health….thank goodness!

  2. My family 💖

  3. A roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in each night

  4. Positive, inspiring friends to spend time with

  5. Money in the bank so that I can eat a healthy well balanced diet

  6. Freedom of choice

  7. Opportunity to learn from my mistakes to become a better version of myself

  8. The ability to see the positive side of situations

  9. Other people willing to be good role models and entrepreneurs.

And last but not least….

  1. The most amazing staff members, I really am lucky to have such capable, bright girls working beside me to drive my business forward.

Life is what we make it, let’s make it a good one! Merry Christmas everyone!


#gratitude #christmas #christmastime #family #value #personal #whatsimportant

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