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I have always had a fascination in food and it’s role on our health. Being a very active person, I know when I eat good quality, healthy food, my body performs best. When I eat badly (processed junk food), I lack energy and struggle to exercise at my peak. This includes how well I am hydrated.

I think this is something we can all agree on. We are what we eat.

Interestingly, I came home one afternoon recently to a television show called Superfoods: the True Story. The episode on air was about the benefits of consuming cherries when related to muscle recovery and soreness post exercise.

While I had walked in half way through the episode, and I have been unable to find it online since, the main message came from an experiment done on an amateur football team, where one half had a daily dose of cherry juice and the other half had a placebo.

The conclusion was that the half that drank the cherry juice experienced less muscle soreness after a game or training, and also recovered quicker than their team mates who were taking the placebo.

To me this is fascinating!

Just in the last 12 months I have introduced Health Shots to our menu after reading about the benefits of particular ingredients, and one of them is a Sports Recovery Health Shot, made of beetroot and tart cherries!

While scouring the internet to find a copy of the episode, I came across numerous other experiments done to prove the same point as above.

One I found spoke about a group of long distance runners, broken into two groups. One group drank the cherry juice for 7 days prior to race day (710ml in total), while the other group had a placebo. The runners who had the cherry juice experienced three times less pain during and after their long distance event!

Another running group, where half consumed 480ml of the juice in the lead up to a marathon were found to experience less muscle damage, soreness and inflammation during the race, meaning that they recovered quicker than the placebo group.

You have to admit, if you can find something that is natural that is going to give you a better chance at muscle recovery and strength, you would want to try it out? Something that would give you an edge?

Depending on your goals, it may even help you achieve goals in the gym, giving you less discomfort and therefore quicker results.

The health shot that we sell also has beetroot juice, which is known to help improve blood flow and increase stamina, helps to detoxify the liver. Win win with this combination for all of us who like to stay healthy fit and active. It is amazing how good it tastes too!

Our other health shots available are

Anti-Inflammatory – to help reduce inflammation in the body

Antioxidant – to help keep the cells in our body healthy

Immunity Booster – to help keep the winter bugs at bay.

Never underestimate the power of good quality food!

Keep Building Healthy Habits


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